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Welcome to Big Sister Birth Services! My name is Emmy Lay and I am a DONA certified doula and ICEA childbirth educator in the South Puget Sound area of Washington State. I have a thriving marriage and am the ringmaster of 3 boys and a darling little girl. I love fishing, hiking, gardening, and spending time with my family! I also LOVE the amazing things our bodies can do, especially when it comes to pregnancy, labor, and birth.

If you’ve come to this page, you’re likely pregnant or a birth junky! I’ve been there! In 2004 I was invited to be a part of the support team for a friend, and I’ve been a doula ever since. I’ve attended natural non-medicated and medicated births, as well as cesarean births, at St. Pete’s in Olympia, St. Joe’s and Tacoma General in Tacoma, Good Samaritan in Puyallup, Valley Medical Center in Auburn, Overlake Hospital in Bellevue, and Swedish Medical Center in Seattle. While the hospital setting is primarily where I’ve worked as a doula, I’ve also enjoyed supporting laboring families at Lakeside Birth Center on Lake Tapps and The Birthing Inn in Tacoma, where I’ve worked as a midwifery assistant as well as childbirth educator and doula.

I started teaching childbirth education classes in 2006 and have empowered hundreds of parents on their journeys to motherhood and fatherhood. I’ve taught The Bradley Method of Husband Coached Childbirth until just a few years ago, and I now teach a collaboration of natural birth techniques that uses a humorous, hands on approach to preparing for labor and birth.

I believe pregnancy and childbirth are an exciting and normal event in our lives, and I strive to share with my clients and students the most current information. I believe families can have gentle, loving, and empowering birth experiences when given the keys to success. I’m always willing to share what I have seen work and have been blessed enough to experience myself.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or even to share your own birth story!